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 Team Cyanide.

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Team Cyanide. Empty
PostSubject: Team Cyanide.   Team Cyanide. EmptyMon Jun 27, 2011 3:27 pm

Team Cyanide. Cyanide1

Requirements: are void until server is released, Please feel free to apply, All applications will be taken seriously and you may be accepted into the clan, But until the server is released and players can be tested please note that your spot in this clan is not permanent

- Teamspeak 3 downloaded and installed
- IRC Downloaded and installed
- Single pk gear
- At least 10 Multi return sets
- Age may be a factor

About me:

My name is Jack, I am 18 and have played runescape since the year 2000, I have had many accounts, A completely maxed main, several maxed tanks, 2 maxed zerks and the odd ftp range/2her. I had a wealth of 2.8b at the beginning of this year and i gave the majority of it away when free trade came about, I started playing WoW for a while, I still have an account but i don't play that much at all (My account) I currently work as a supervisor in a store bringing in a half decent wage that pays for the weekend ;D haha.

Member list







Servers played:

Ex-Clans on runescape/Servers: (only post if known)



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Team Cyanide.
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